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Apr, 2020

Pateadores Update

Hello Pateadores Families: 

While I am confident that all of us cannot wait for it to be safe to return to the fields, I hope that your child has taken advantage of the regularly scheduled “at home” training sessions being conducted online both club-wide by our staff and team-specific by your respective coach.

As the Pateadores have built its national reputation as a best-in-class player development program and to ensure the continuity of these sessions for your child during this unprecedented time – I want to share with you how: 

  1. Your continued support makes it possible;
  2. We have stayed within the regular budgeted application of your Player Fees (i.e. paying your coach, ensuring we are ready for summer/fall games, etc.); 
  3. We will credit you any savings generated during this time (not having to pay for practice fields or if your team has not been conducting its own training sessions); and 
  4. We will hit the ground running once cities re-open training fields.   

So you can jump to the topics that most interest you, I have structured this within a Q&A.

How are Player Fees used to administer the club’s overall programming?
Varying only slightly by age and size of the team, Players Fees are on average applied:

  1. 65% to your Team’s Coach, game and practice fields, your Chapter’s Director & Goalkeeping Coach;
  2. 20% to your specific team expenses including, but not limited to: tournaments, league registrations (CalSouth, SCDSL, ECNL, NPL. etc.), referees, practice & game equipment, field prep, etc.;
  3. 15% to club-wide expenses including, but not limited to: management/administrative staff, technical directors, facility leases, curriculum development, PlayMetrics, spring programming, PatsTV, coach’s education, scholarships, college recruitment programming, etc.; 

Have the club’s expenses changed during Covid-19?
Although the challenges and forums have changed, the required activities and expenses of the club have largely remained the same:

  1. Your coach and Chapter leaders are being paid their regular, monthly fees as they quickly transitioned your team into online training and maintained the ongoing preparations required for your team’s summer/fall/winter playing circuit.
  2. We fully anticipate being back on the practice field by early summer and participating in your planned tournaments/leagues so the budgeted team expenses remain scheduled.
  3. In addition to the year-over-year club administrative requirements that continue regardless of temporary playing stoppages (e.g. Covid-19, off-seasons, etc.) the club’s management and technical staffs have been working overtime to provide the additional programming that your child has hopefully taken advantage of.
  4. The staff did scramble and successfully avoided practice field expenses during the shutdown, so please see below how we will be returning these savings to you.

My child’s team has not had team-specific training?
If for any reason your child’s team did not quickly transition to team-specific training once the “stay at home” order started, please contact us at [email protected]so we can credit you the pro rata coaching and chapter fees during the shutdown. You must contact us by April30thif there had been any delay in your team beginning online training so we can reserve your credit for April as otherwise the applicable funds, inclusive of any May 1stpayments for families that are on an installment plan, will be distributed to your coach and Chapter – and no longer refundable from the club. 

 How will we handle practice field expenses avoided during the shutdown?
We of course will be returning these savings back to our families. As your respective city re-opens its practice fields we will calculate the total amount saved throughout the duration of the closure and make a credit available to you. 

When will applicable credits be made available to us?
We cannot calculate savings until we know just how long the “stay at home” order lasts in each city. So please stay tuned for the details on how you can access your credit when the fields re-open and we are able to calculate the final savings. 

Does the club have an educated guess on when fields will re-open?
We are in continuous contact with each Chapter’s respective cities and actually advising them on the safest protocols that will allow for soccer team training to resume asap. At this time we are targeting June 1st, but are hopeful it’s even sooner. In preparation for this, we are reserving even more field time come summer so our teams will be able to flexibly add even more training time. 

I appreciate your time having reviewed the above content and look forward to the Pateadores supporting the development of your child’s game for years to come. 

We will keep you updated as we learn more.


Jon Szczuka

Pateadores Soccer Club


151 Kalmus Drive F-5 
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Phone: 714-486-2811
Email: [email protected]

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